Work to Gain Leisure

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TAPATA believes 'how you dress is how you feel ', uses this as motivation to produce a range of workwear clothing that helps women stay focused, confident and comfortable through their workdays. TAPATA advocates a relaxed lifestyle, as our slogan, ‘work to gain leisure’.


True quality is a combination of premium materials and high production standards. We work with only the best fabrics, and offer sustainable options whenever possible.


Each garment is cut in the finest way possible, with countless hours of thought to achieve the perfect balance between function and form for each style. We read every review carefully and continuously optimize the product size to provide customers with a better wearing experience.


Quality tailoring, attention to unique details, and abundant color choices make each TAPATA garment an unforgettable piece you'll need in your collection.

TAPATA provides women with perfect clothing options for every occasion on your calendar, from classic office dress pants to chic leather blazer. For women, your office wardrobe must consist of pieces that are as practical and breathable as they are professional and chic.